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Thanks for choosing MADWAX for your waxing needs, we are confident that you will love waxing and your results! Before you come in to your first appointment, please read the following for policies and what to expect during your first wax!


** Please be aware that all new clients are required to make a 25%  non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. You are able to reschedule 1 time. If you need to reschedule or cancel a second time, you will need to make another deposit.

No exceptions (sorry guys! We have to protect against lost revenue)

** I ask that my prospective clients please make their appointments with intention, and maturity. If you are feeling extremely fearful, please wait to make your appointment. Please come to your appointment with a prepared mindset that there will be periods of pain involved, but I will help you along the way with pain management as needed. Remember, we can always start with a smaller service, such as a bikini line, and you can work towards a full brazilian! 


 I will stop and not continue services if there is any of the following:  excessive loud yelling, grabbing me inappropriately, needing long periods of rest that encroaches on the following clients appointment time, or blocking me from finishing the service. While waxing isn't the most pleasant experience (especially the first wax) it should not cause extreme, inconsolable distress. 

1. Please make sure you have grown your hair out for at LEAST 2 weeks. Longer is actually better when it comes to your first wax. If you have short hairs, you run the risk of skin irritation, broken hairs and ingrowns. If I feel the hair is not long enough, I will suggest you continue growing your hair out and rescheduling your appointment for the future.

2. Please take the time to read the FAQ section and pre & post care section on this site regarding what to expect.

It is crucial to understand that waxing is a process, not an instant solution.


3. Even though we technically have a 10 minute late policy, I ask that you please show up promptly at the time of your wax. This allows for paperwork to be signed, as well as Q & A, checkout & rescheduling.


4. If you show up 10+ minutes late, chances may be we won't be able to wax and will have to reschedule for later; or another day completely. New clients usually take 25-30 minutes to complete, and I am dedicated to respecting everyone of my clients time -- so we have to be mindful of the clients that are coming in after you.

5. Your first wax will always be the most painful. Take a pain reliever an hour prior to your appointment to reduce discomfort. While I am very sympathetic to first time waxing anxiety and discomfort, time is VERY limited & there isn't a lot of time for constant breathers and breaks. 

6. You will be required to read & sign a consent form that covers medications being used currently, and health issues, that could compromise your wax. If you are not truthful on the form regarding these, you are solely responsible for any adverse reactions. 

Thanks so much for choosing MADWAX, and I look forward to meeting you!!!

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