What is "speed waxing"?

The term "speed waxing" means that that during your wax I will be laying mutiple strips in different areas allowing for a quick and efficient wax!

Can I get waxed on my period?

Yes! You are always welcome to get waxed while on your period. But please remember that anytime we are having hormonal fluctuations (period/pregnancy) we are prone to higher sensitivty during these times, and your wax may feel a little more uncomfortable. Just please come with a clean tampon, and you are good to go!

Can I get waxed while pregnant?

Of course! But please be aware that you will be more sensitive during this time. I also do not recommend coming in for your first Brazilian at 9 months pregnant... A lot of women come in mere days before their due date, and while it's technically ok, it's not advisable -- especially if its your first time, or its been a long time since your last wax. If you are wanting to be smooth for the birth of your baby, please consider starting waxing as early in your pregnancy as you can so you can build a pain tolerance that may be heightened due to hormonal changes.

How can I prevent ingrown hairs?

I always say that I like to prevent and not treat, but sometimes ingrowns can be unavoidable depending on several factors: lifestyle, hair & skin type etc... So basic rules to keeping your hiney shiny are as follows: 1. Exolifate 2 - 3x per week (skipping days as to not irritate your skin) Sometimes over-exfoliation can cause the reverse outcome that we are wanting, and cause more breakouts and irritation. (recommendation: Zandi K Deck Polish - sold at MADWAX) 2. MOISTURIZE! You should be moisturzing your skin with a gentle, yet effective moisturzier 2x daily! I have a lot of clients that dimiss this step, but it is ESSENTIAL! ( (recommendation: Zandi K Deck Polish - sold at MADWAX) 3. Follow the 24 - 48 post-care rules, avoiding the following for the 1-2 days: -Physical Activity (gym, sex, running etc) - Water (Bath tubs, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, oceans) you CAN shower - Suanas -Tanning beds, the sun, spray tanning - Touching / scratching waxed area If you are following these steps, yet find you are still having mild issues, try adding High Frequency treatments after your wax; and/or Afterglow treatments 2 weeks prior or after your wax.

How can I treat ingrown hairs?

If you have developed a pesky ingrown or two after you hair removal, rest assured it is normal and it is something that comes along with the territory of hair removal. However, you will want to do the following: 1. Make sure you are follwing the skincare routine of scrubbing 2-3x week with a gentle but effective exfoliator 2. You are moisturizing 2x daily 3. You have followed the 24 - 48 hour rule of post-care 4. Make sure you have Neosporin (or another antibiotic cream) handy - apply that to the affected area(s) and relax until it is fully soaked into the skin 5. Consider adding High Frequency Tretaments to you waxes, and Afterglow Treatments 2 weeks prior to you waxes (cannot be done at the time of wax) Also, sometimes in the dogs days of summer, ingrowns can flare up from just generally being sweaty, hot and friction. Try to take it easy for a few days post-wax, and make sure you are always washing regulary as well!

I have an a lot of severe, large & painful ingrowns after shaving, should I consider waxing?

If you are someone who has not found any sort of hair removal method that works for your skin - particularly if you have a tendency to develop many large painful ingrowns, and the basic skincare routine has been followed, yet nothing seems to help; or the situation gets worse, I usually tell these clients that waxing is, unfortunately, probably not for you either. There are a few things we CAN do for you here though in the form of high frequency treatments in conjuction with "Afterglow" Treatments, which is essentially a facial-type procedure for afflicted skin on the body. However, I usually refer these clients to look into laser hair removal to potentially remedy this problem since we cannot wax over inflammed and infected areas.

I have a peircing, can I leave it in?

In order to provide a quick and efficient wax, I do ask women who have piercings (especially vaginal) to please remove them prior to getting wax. Trying to avoid getting wax on a piercing is tedious and time consuming, and is easier for both myself and the client in the long run.

Do you wax plus-size women?

Yes! I wax women of all shapes and sizes, so please do not feel intimidated or uncomfortable! However, at this time, my table only accommodates up to 325 pounds.

Do you wax mens facial hair?

No, it is against my better judgment as an Esthetician, and here's why: The hair on mens faces is most of the time too coarse and dense, so waxing is not only terribly painful, but incredibly difficult and harsh on the skin; it leaves you wide open for infection, hair growing back uneven and patchy, painful ingrown hairs & sores and possible scarring.

Do you offer full body waxing in one sitting?

I do offer full body waxing all at once, BUT this type of service does come with some general warnings and precautions. 1. This is a BIG service. I ask that there is a mutual understanding that it will not be a fast appointment, and you will not be in and out. Be prepared to lay/sit for several hours continuously being waxed. (usually 2-4 hours depending on all services rendered) 2. It is not for those on a budget. You will be required to make a deposit of 20% of total services before your appointment since this is time consuimg. 3. This is not reccomended for those who are waxing virgins. If you have never been waxed, I reccommend you start with 1 or 2 areas to begin with just to get a feel for waxing. Waxing is a PROCESS. It could take up to 3-4 consistent waxes to get the awesome smooth feeling we all love; But The chances of coming in and walking feeling like a dolphin your first time is unfortunately not realistic. Bummer, I know... 4. My advice is to consider splitting the body up by lower & upper over the span of 2 days if schedule and time permits. This way it gives your skin and yourself time to recoup.

If I book multiple services can I get a discount?

I currently do not offer any discounts for multiple services within 1 appointment. If you are wanting to make a commitment to waxing for optimal results, I do offer packages that offer a built-in discount.

I don't have that much hair, will you lower the price?

I get this question A LOT. And the answer is no, I do not haggle with my pricing. I base my prices off of product costs and overhead, and that unfortunately doesnt change with a lot of hair or a little. I want to keep my prices reasonable for everyone!

Are there age resitrictions for getting a Brazilian wax?

Techincally, no. Many places will allow anyone to get a brazilian wax as long as there is perental consent. However, it is a personal preference for me to not preform any brazilian waxes that require the undergarments to be completely removed on anyone under the age of 16. And anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent/gaurdian consent before I will perform any waxing service.

Do you do "Manzilians"?

At the present time we do not preform any brazilian waxing services for men. Please see our menu of male waxing services offered

How long will my wax last?

Waxing is usually a process, not an instant solution for many of us. If it is your first time getting waxed you may notice that your hair will start to come back within a week to a week and a half. Let me explain... Most of us are accustomed to shaving. This process knocks our hair into 3 different growth stages, causing our hairs to regenerate at different rates of growth, and at the time of your first wax you may have hairs that are too short to pick up, that are just under your skin. Therefore, it may take 2-3 consistant waxes ( every 4-5 weeks) to get your hair growth on the same pattern, which will then cause your waxes to last longer!

Will waxing cause my hair to come back thicker or darker?

No. Waxing will actually have the opposite effect! This is due to the fact that everytime we wax we are weakening the root, and that will allow the hair to come back finer and softer. Some people see a remarkable difference after only 1 wax!

What medication could complicate my waxing services?

There are a lot of medications out there that can compromise the integrity of your skin while getting waxed. Just a few things to be aware of are as follows: Benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, perscription scrubs, vitamin A, certain antibiotics, medications for hormones and drugs related to radiation and chemotherapy. If you are currently on medications for skin conditions, please consult with your physician before starting the waxing process. Usually there are conditions in which you can be waxed provided you stop medication in the determined time frame. Some names to be aware of are as follows: Adapalene, Avita, Tazorac Avage, Proactiv(e), Differin, Strivectin.

Can I tan before or after my wax?

Try to avoid tanning beds (and sun exposure) for at least 24 hours after your wax. Waxing is exfoliation leaving your skin sensitized, therefore, more prone to burn. Do not spray tan before your wax! We will strip you over your gorgeous glow. Please wait 8-12 hours after your wax to get sprayed if you can help it... Your pores will remain open in this window, leaving you wide open for bacteria. Better safe than sorry!

I am currently taking Renti-A, Renova or Accutane. Can I be waxed?

These are the big guns in the world of skincare, and side effects of these should not be taken lightly. These medications increase the rate of exfoliation of the skin, so waxing (extra exfoliation) on top of that could cause serious issues with your skin integrity. It will cause what we call "lifting", which could be likened to the feeling and look of a horrible rug burn. In most cases, when clients have not been forth coming about taking these medications, lifting can be very severe causing serious discomfort and scabbing. Please let me know if you are on any of these medications before your appointment. You will also need to sign a waiver beforehand stating you are/are not using these medications at the time of your wax. Please be aware that most chemical peels, laser treatments and micro-dermabrasion will also compromise your skins integrity.

What activities should I avoid after my wax?

I know we are all really busy with very little time to cram everything in our schedules. But for the sake of your lovely skin, I advise clients to avoid these activities for 12-24 hours: - Exercise - Tanning - Baths - Saunas - Hot Tubs - Any open body of water (rivers, lakes, ocean etc... 24 hours!) - Sex These are all activities that are hot beds of heat and/or bacteria! Your pores will be open and susceptible to lots of icky germs for 12-24 hours.

Can my friend(s)/significant other come into the room with me?

I know people are sometimes curious about the waxing process, or just want moral support, but my space is very limitied in my waxing room. So for the sake of efficiency, I ask that friends/boyfriends/girlfriends please wait in the waiting area. The only exception I make is for minors with a parent present.

Can I shave in between waxes?

NO! Do not shave, pluck, tweeze or epiltae between waxes! This upsets the entire process and we will be back to square one with your progress. I know it's difficult in the summer, but I do offer discounted bikini line waxes during the warmer months so we can keep you on the right track


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